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NEW NORM? We know what that is like.  How is your “new, new norm” going?  I am thinking of everyone everyday hoping that all is going well with you, your family and friends.  


Support group meetings: We are cancelling May and June which brings us to our summer break in July and August.  At this point our next meeting should be scheduled for September 22nd. If anything changes, I will definitely let everyone know. 

THOUGHT: Some of the support groups have tried having “virtual” meetings. This would be a meeting using skype or zoom on a computer. I have not heard how they went as of yet.  I am thinking that if there is anyone who would like to try to get together for a “virtual meeting”, I would be willing to try to set some up, even several on different days.  

I can try to get a speaker to join us or we can pick a topic and discuss it as a group or just connect. Being on “house arrest” (so to speak) is hard enough. Having an ostomy can create a different challenge.  Or, it’s going great for you, but you just want to connect with others.  Please let me know what you think.  

Don’t forget that our HELP LINE is checked everyday. Don’t hesitate to call if you have any questions. 

The different representatives from the various product companies are in contact with me weekly. They have asked me to remind everyone if you are having any problems getting supplies or with your current supplies to contact me @ 303-489-0636 and I will get you connected with them.  


Do you have any funny stories to share with the group? Has anything happened to you while on “stay at home” that you would like to share? 


I have been collecting recipes (like I need more) and planning on making several new dishes. One of them called for the spice ground mustard. I threw my old bottle away when we moved and never replaced it. When we got our weekly grocery order, we added it to the list only to find that it was unavailable ANYWHERE. I did detective work for hours (I was on a mission). I couldn’t understand why is there is a shortage on ground mustard? Do I need to add it to the TP, paper towel and sanitizer list? I finally found it, but had to order a 6 pack. They only had 2 left in stock, so I ordered it.

Anyone in need of a bottle of ground mustard? I will make the recipe this week and let you know how it goes. 

 Anyone else have any similar experiences? 

  Best wishes to everyone. Take care. Hugs (from 6-8 feet away), 

Eileen Goldberg

Why come to a meeting?

Quotes from members-

“From the first meeting I went to before my surgery I have been so blessed to meet such open, honest and caring people. People who I can share my worries, concerns & triumphs of my ostomy. I can't imagine going through this journey without all of them. One can't possibly go to a meeting and feel like you don't fit in. Not only does it feel good to go and get advice, but I think it feels even better to go and give to someone just starting out on the journey.”

Tracey Sloan (member)

"One of the most important things that helped me was the magazine for ostomates called The Phoenix, (I was sent home from the hospital with an issue, but too afraid to even open the folder that would tell me of ‘all’ the things that, at that time, were disgusting to me). I didn’t open that folder for over a month after my surgery. When I did open it and begin to read ‘everything’ that was in it, I couldn’t stop, I couldn’t believe all this information was written down, and much of it was exactly what I was feeling! I read that issue of The Phoenix from cover to cover, and then went online to the UOAA. So much information was available to me! I called the local support group, and talked to Steve Johnson, (the President) who took at least 45 minutes of his precious time to talk and share with me. He, too, had a colostomy. Hearing him talk openly of something I was so ashamed of was very comforting. He encouraged me to attend a meeting, and meet others who have also been there and who are currently there. The support group was invaluable to me!

Debbie Conway (member) See her entire article

Several years ago, during a visit with my physician, he asked me, “What kind of exercise are you getting?”  I said, “I’m playing on a softball team for guys 45 and over.”  To which he replied, “Softball!  That’s not exercise….that’s’ a social event!”  I couldn’t really argue with him and we both chuckled about it.  Not long after this humorous exchange with my doctor, I came down with a very nasty case of Ulcerative Colitis.
Jim Folsom article (member)  See his entire article

Ostomy Supply Donations and Access to Supplies : 
We no longer accept donations or give supplies due to a lack of storage.  If you wish to donate supplies, contact Friends of Ostomates Worldwide, at

 www.fow-usa.org .  We are working out options for space at our new location.  We should have a solution within the month.

Three major manufacturers can also be contacted about their patient assistance programs.  Their numbers are:

Hollister  888-740-8999

Convatec 800-422-8811

Coloplast 800-788-0293 Ext 7800

Upcoming Events (see schedule below):


Monthly meetings: 
No meeting held in December. Next meeting is held on the 4th Tuesday of the month, 7pm to 9pm @ Porter Adventist Hospital, Twin Peaks Room. See address link and below for more details. (Not Held in July, August or December) See dates and topics below.


Next General Meeting:

Meetings are held at Porter Adventist  Hospital  On the second floor -the original room is Twin Peaks but has changed monthly due to construction. 2525 S Downing Denver, CO
 Check this site or call 303-377-4878 (listen to message) for any meeting cancellations due to weather

Help Line:  303-377-4878
If you need help with your ostomy or more information about our support group, please call 303-377-4878 and leave a message. One of our volunteers will be in contact with you.
No Meeting in July or August or December!

Current Officers and Board member are listed below.

President; Eileen Goldberg

Vice President; Sam Swears

Treasurer; Jay Boscoe

Secretary; Tracey Sloan

Past-President; Karen Quinlisk


Board members;
Charlotte Popovich
Sue Jacoby
John Vasu
Patty Smith
Maureen Williams

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